About me

I am a software developer who was born in Tenerife and lived in San Francisco although you can find me in Madrid these days.

In 2021, I joined Meroxa, a fully remote company, and I'm excited to take with me everything I learned from my past work experience. I love working distributedly, and I'm not considering ever coming back to an office.

My main passion is delivering well crafted interfaces and playing an important role on finding an intuitive solution that requires the least amount of steps as possible.

Ephemeralization is my mantra. Go, Ruby and TypeScript, my favorite languages.

I am someone who is not shy to value others' contributions, and finds gratification on their success like they were my own. I'm not afraid of holding difficult conversations, and I'm usually the one who mentions the elephant in the room. I’m honest about what I know or don’t know, and I never sweep things under the rug.

I am deeply convinced that small teams working together in tight feedback loops are crucial to make a real difference. As a developer, I have always enjoyed working hand in hand with a designer. I love the passion that comes through the journey of finding what feels right. I can also let things go. The success of the team or the product always over my own.

I am very good at taking big tasks and delivering small chunks that provide value independently. I easily identify opportunities for things to be improved upon and put the necessary work to get it done. Refining processes when I can, and discarding them when they become a distraction.

I am someone really easy to work with, and I care more about people than technology. Noticing someone else's values, and helping them to use them.

If you're not a recruiter and are interested in connecting, let's chat!.